A Response from Paul Oakden

Recently, Anne Marie Waters wrote to Paul Oakden. Anne Marie asked why the party’s NEC voted to allow new members who join before August 6th to vote in the leadership election, and then publicly changed the position after 1,000 new members joined UKIP to vote for Anne Marie. Oakden was also asked why the NEC were discussing the possibility of banning Anne Marie from standing.

Paul Oakden responded with the following email.

Dear Anne Marie

Thank you for this. The question of the date after which new members cannot join and still be entitled to vote is resolved in the advice circulated by the Returning Officer earlier today. The NEC was incorrect in its interpretation, and was corrected by our legal advisers. The Constitution is paramount. I am afraid that people joining UKIP specifically for the purpose of electing someone Leader will find the process slightly less easy than they had supposed. I agree with your comment about ‘fair dealings’ – the Constitution is framed to try to ensure that.

On the second matter, no such discussion was held. One member made a comment, as shown below, which was recorded. That does not constitute a discussion. It would have been quite improper for the NEC to discuss blocking any potential candidate, and had that been the case, it would have been reflected in the minutes.


Paul Oakden
Party Chairman
UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Anne Marie Waters responded again:

Hi Paul,

I find it interesting that the sentence “If you blocked Anne-Marie Waters for whatever reason, it would require explanation.”  was the only one sentence uttered on this subject. How random that must have seemed to others. As you say, it would have been quite improper.

Thank you however for explaining.

Anne Marie

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