Paul Nuttall Deselects Anne Marie Waters as Lewisham Candidate

After an NEC meeting on the 28th March, Anne Marie Waters has been deselected as UKIP candidate for Lewisham East. In a now-deleted Tweet, UKIP NEC member Anish Patel confirmed that Waters was supported by other NEC members Paul Oakley, Elizabeth Jones, Katie Fanning, and Deputy Leader Peter Whittle.

Her deselection comes after party leader, Paul Nuttall, told the press that Waters’ comments made him feel “a bit uncomfortable.” He also said that her suggestion that “Islamic culture does not fit with ours” goes “way above and beyond party policy.”

Twitter has erupted with support for Anne Marie Waters, with UKIP candidates saying they will step down after Waters’ deselection, and members promising to vote Conservative and drop their support for Nuttall. The hashtags #SaveAnneMarie and #TeamAnneMarie show just how much support the counter-Jihad UKIP activist has amongst regular UKIP members, and could signal Nuttall’s ultimate demise. If he is unwilling to listen to his members and the voters, then what future does he, and UKIP, have?

The New Brit recently reported that an anonymous UKIP insider has explained how Nuttall is “running scared” of Waters and her substantial support within UKIP. The source explained:

“Nuttall appears to be rattled and running scared of [Waters]. The ‘Integration Agenda’ announcement seems hurried and ill thought-out and I’m not confident [Nuttall] really knows what he’s talking about. There’s talk within the party that his knowledge on FGM and Sharia courts really isn’t extensive, which begs the question – why wouldn’t he want Anne Marie involved to help guide the new agenda?”

As a result of her deselection, Waters is more determined than ever. Her For Britain Tour continues, with UKIP branches all over the country requesting she comes along to speak to members. You can follow her campaign right here at, and videos from her tour will be uploaded to our Videos page. To find out where she’s speaking next, check out our Upcoming Events page.

If you would like to support Anne Marie’s campaign to make UKIP do the right thing, and start talking about the greatest threats that face Britain, please consider donating today.

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  1. If Ann Marie Waters is not reinstated as a UKIP candidate I will quit the Party as I fully support all the views she puts out.

  2. If Ann Marie Waters is not reinstated as a UKIP candidate I will cancel my UKIP membership, I fully support her in the fight to ensure the UK remains a Christian country and to Ban completely Sharia law.

  3. Well so much for UKIP now. Anne Marie Waters is EXACTLY the sort of candidate we should be encouraging. She knows what she is talking about. She is the calm voice that expresses the fears that many of us have and would make the party relevant again in the eyes of a dwindling support base who feel Brexit was the sole purpose of the party. If UKIP don’t take up the cause for our children, it’s pretty clear no other party has the intelligence or courage to do so. Think again Mr Nuttall, PLEASE.

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