An Open Letter to Paul Oakden and Stephen Crowther

Below is an email that Anne Marie Waters sent to Paul Oakden and Stephen Crowther, on July 11th. The message relates to recent untruths being told by UKIP.

Dear Paul/Steve,

I note with interest the minutes of the UKIP NEC meeting held on June 12th 2017.

I note in particular motion 9, which reads:

Motion 9: The NEC interprets the Party Constitution as saying that new members must join by August 6th in order to be eligible to vote at the Leadership Election. Proposed by KF, seconded by SC. Carried by 7-1 (EJ) with no abstentions.

In recent weeks however, it has become apparent that members of the public are regularly informed by Ukip that in order to be eligible to vote in the leadership contest, one must have been a member by June 23rd.

Could you please explain this discrepancy and clarify this matter.

I also note the following sentence contained within the minutes:

If you blocked Anne-Marie Waters for whatever reason, it would require explanation.

Can you please explain this?  Why is the NEC holding discussions on blocking a candidate and on what grounds?

I shall of course seek legal advice on the above matters.  I have wide support not only among new members but among old, and I therefore have a reasonable expectation of fair dealings.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  I intend to publish this letter as well as any response.


Anne Marie Waters


  1. Even to consider banning Anne Marie from standing shows just how out of touch the UKIP management team have become with the membership and the British public. If there were solid grounds for this they should have been exercised immediately. The time being taken to deal with AMW’s application gives the impression of something being “concocted” behind the scenes. Members are tired of the lack of transparency in UKIP and the manipulation of decisions to suit the few rather than our true cause.

    How about a list of names of all those seeking to stop AMW’s application with hard reasons based in fact? We can then ask these people why they are quietly promoting the tolerance of Islam’s intolerance and distain for British culture, laws, values and freedoms? We voted to be free of foreign rule in the referendum, regardless whether it be Brussels or Mecca. Now UKIP is all but silent on Brexit and refuses to acknowledge the threat of Islamic ideology to our nation. Why?

    It is clear what the courageous AMW stands for from her work. Why do we not have that clarity from our own “interim” leadership team?

  2. If they refuse to allow you to take part in a democratic vote then the party cannot continue as it will have cut its own throat.

  3. Anne Marie Waters must be permitted to stand as a Candidate for the UKIP Leadership, she is the only person prepared to stand up for British culture, laws, values and freedoms. British people must come first and for this reason I believe it’s time we brought in very strict control over inward immigration to the UK, of mass numbers of unskilled, uneducated, and predominately Islamic people, most of whom are totally incompatable with our way of life, and many of them are either unwilling or unable to support themselves and families. As a consequence they claim indefinite welfare and healthcare handouts which they have never contributed to. Many also refuse to learn our language, integrate and assimilate, nor do they have any respect for British law and customs. This cannot be allowed to continue, a governments duty is to its own indigenous people first and foremost, it has a duty of care to provide and protect them at all times. However its quite clear that the British government are doing the opposite. As main signatories to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the UK Government is now in breach of what is required under this declaration. It is totally illegal to allow uncontrolled mass immigration of foreign nationals into a nation to the point where the indigenous people are now becoming dispossesed of their own lands and resources, which they have every right to. We are also entitled to our own nationaility and culture, again this is being eroded away, we are being forced to accept foreign people on mass many of whom have absolutely no right under international law to even be in this region of the world. We are being quite simply ethnically cleansed from our own Country. Its population replacement, its white genocide and its highly illegal. We need Anne Marie to redress this inbalance and put right the severe damage that has been inflicted on the UK and its own indigenous people.

    I have nothing against immigration, but it must be controllled, severely controlled, the numbers and types of people that are permitted to come and settle here is now out of control totally. As a tiny Island nation we cannot go on taking in unlimited numbers of people, officially 66 million is far too high, unofficially the figure is thought to be far higher between 70 and 80 million and rising, thats totally unsustainable and must now be controlled if this country is to survive. A nation that also cannot protect its own children from Islamic terrorist attack, rape and abuse is a nation with no future.

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