An Open Letter to Nick Ferrari of LBC

Dear Mr. Ferrari,

Thank you for inviting me on your show on Tuesday. I am pleased you gave your listeners an opportunity to hear my views, and learn why I am standing for the leadership of UKIP. I do feel, however, that the way in which you conducted the interview was not only unfair, but unprofessional, rude, and patronising.

You asked me if I believed in interning known Jihadis. I responded that yes, I would like to discuss and explore this option in order to keep the British people safe. You asked me how it would be possible to know who these Jihadis are, and I told you that we already know of 23,000 in Britain. You mocked me. You patronizingly told me “that’s a bigger number than I’ve heard” – but I put it to you that you are wrong. You told me you think 23,000 is “a little high”. No it is not.

MI5 revealed this year that there are up to 23,000 jihadis living in Britain – 20,000 of which pose a residual risk. These are potentially very dangerous people, and as I have said throughout my campaign, I will fight for the safety of the British people at every opportunity, and at all costs. If that means interning people who MI5 consider likely to commit acts of terror in Britain, then so be it. I believe in doing something, and not ignoring the problem. If you still don’t believe the numbers, you can read about it here, here, here, here, and here.

When I told you that we must take tough measures to protect our people, you asked me what would be achieved by dividing Britain. How dare you. This country has already been divided, and that division has been aided by politicians and a media that condemns anybody who dares talk about this very real threat. I must add that most of the time these people being condemned are working class people who are the primary victims of this cultural clash. The media, politicians and the establishment are dividing Britain, not me.

You even stooped as low as comparing me to Adolf Hitler. Yes, you did. I know what you’re doing. You claimed I was suggesting we “round people up because of their faith” and put them in internment camps. That is a lie, and you know it.

Then, you asked me if by “the wider British public” I meant white people. No. I am talking about protecting British people of all races and backgrounds, and indeed of all religions. Muslims can also be victims of terror attacks, and I wish to protect them too. After so many terror attacks in Britain and Europe this year, I would expect a smart man like you Mr. Ferrari to understand why we must take measures to protect our people. Are you virtue signalling, attempting to smear me out of some personal vendetta, or are you completely blind to the fact that people are being killed on our own streets?

What truly offended me about this interview, however, was your dismissal of the plight of rape victims in this country. When I told you that the police are not doing their jobs, you held up Rotherham as an example of the forces working hard to round up rapists. This is a town where 1,400 young girls were raped, and the authorities covered it up. It is also a town where the authorities continue to fail local abuse victims. And you think this is an example of the police doing a fine job, Mr. Ferrari?

And then, when I told you about the rape victims I have met, you told me in a condescending tone “I’m sure you’ve reported this to the police, haven’t you”. Actually, yes. These cases have been reported to the police over, and over, and over, and over again. One girl, Chelsey Wright, has been fighting tooth and nail to get justice after being raped, and having the police do nothing about it. I have been to rallies to demand justice, and we handed in a petition with tens of thousands of signatures to the police.

You also told me that you “must get details” from me about the case because “something needs to be done”. I quite agree – though I doubt your concern was genuine. Perhaps you could prove my scepticism misguided. Perhaps you would in fact like to speak to some rape victims who have been fighting to make the police do something to take their offenders off their streets. If you would like to talk to these people on air, I can arrange it. You have my contact details, please get in touch and prove me wrong. Show me that you, as a member of the media, care about these girls. Please buck the trend and show us that you care.

I hope that in the future you will reconsider the way in which you talk to people. I hope you will offer people time to answer questions before you patronise them, and I hope you will consider the hell that people have to go through when they are ignored by the media, the police, and the politicians.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Marie Waters,

For Britain


  1. The man, Ferrari, clearly cares nothing for Great Britain or her people. His ignorance of facts printed in most if not all newspapers is astounding. His mocking tone about Islamic violence against women is what I’d expect from people like Anjem Choudray NOT someone who claims to be a journalist. I have lost every scrap of respect I might have had for him. Anne Marie Waters is an extraordinary politician. She clearly cares about people (even those Muslims who are vulnerable to hideous abuses from other members of their faith) and she doesn’t deserve the name calling she gets from the playground mentality of the MSM. It is only by electing such women and men that Britain will have the chance of a secure, just and safe future – and this will be for everyone, not just the well paid who are able to live far from Islamic ghettos, but for EVERYONE who loves our nation and wants to work with their neighbours side by side for the sake of our children and grandchildren as well as ourselves.

  2. All joking aside, I don’t believe that our politicians are stupid or totally ignorant of the effect that the spread of Islam is having on the western world – or Britain in particular – so just what’s going on? The constant appeasement of a cult which is steadily taking over our country isn’t something I can understand.
    Our police literally run away when confronted with noisy Islamic marches, anyone speaking against Islam is accused of racism, sharia law is allowed to be practised (red underline? That IS the correct grammatical spelling for the verb, thank you very much) and an increasing number of no-go zones spoil our cities.
    And yet we have the smarmy tones of our Prime Minister telling the muslim population how wonderful they all are on national television. ‘Do have a wonderful time with your ritual and very painful slaughter of our animals.’ [Add a bit of Arabic here, that’ll go down well – and it’s time for another goofy smile]
    So if they’re aware that our values are being replaced but are doing nothing about it then they must either be pleased about it or are too cowardly to speak out against it and be accused of the career-ending ‘political incorrectness’.

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