One Last Message to Undecided Voters

So here we are. This is the final week of the campaign to replace our party’s leader. It’s been an enjoyable and sometimes stressful journey, but I’m so glad I did it. I have travelled throughout this country meeting thousands of members, and it’s reaffirmed to me that there is still life left in UKIP. Don’t let any leadership candidate tell you this is a broken party. This is a party that is passionate and ready for a new battle.

I understand that most of you have probably already voted, though I wanted to appeal to those undecided few in this last message. Since I began my For Britain campaign – a grassroots campaign designed to make UKIP appeal to the forgotten people of Britain – I have talked about getting back to bread and butter politics. I want to put issues that the people care about at the top of our agenda. We must be out on the street, meeting people, and talking about issues they care about.

Being a party of the people means remaining the only strong voice on Brexit, but it also means taking on new challenges. We must be the party of the NHS. We must say no to privatisation of any form and commit ourselves to a public health service – but we must also admit that the current system is inefficient and wasteful. I want to see a total overhaul of the NHS, cut salaries of top bureaucrats, and stop paying huge sums of money to people who allegedly help the NHS “save money”. This is insanity and I will be the voice of the people who want to see a health service that works.

I will also talk about mass immigration – particularly third world immigration. We cannot accept an unlimited number of migrants from places that have fundamentally different values to us. An Australian-style points system isn’t enough, when Australia still has problems with immigration. We must discuss a new immigration policy and consider a temporary halt to all new immigration, which will allow us to get a grip on our illegal immigration problem.

Not only that, but I will be fearless in my pursuit for law, order, and justice. I will fight for the victims of grooming gangs, I will call for police officers to do their jobs and protect children outside schools, and I will call for a discussion on how we can deal with the 23,000 jihadis that intelligence services believe are currently in the UK. These are issues that really matter.

And of course, I will not back down to anyone who calls me a neo-fascist for being honest about a religion that hates women, rapes children, and undermines our law. No matter how often it is said – by members of the press or even people in our party – it will never be fascist to oppose the most illiberal, authoritarian ideology on the planet.

For these reasons, I hope any undecided voters will support me. We will speak out for the forgotten people of Britain. We will become a part of the working and middle class. We will represent normal people who have left politics behind, and we will attract millions of voters and become a real opposition in Parliament.

I am only standing in this election because I believe I am the only person who is willing to take on these challenges. We can achieve these goals, but I need your support.

So thank you for everyone who has supported me so far. This journey has been amazing, and I hope to be your next leader. And for those who are yet to vote, please do consider lending me your support. Just think about the amazing things this party can still do. We can do this together.

Thank you,

Anne Marie Waters
For Britain

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