Anne Marie Waters Launches the “For Britain” Campaign

Anne Marie Waters, the deselected UKIP candidate for Lewisham East, has today announced a new campaign For Britain. The campaign will take the form of a national speaking tour, which is already underway, and an online movement that will encourage UKIP leadership and other politicians to be honest about Islam.

Announcing her new campaign, Anne Marie Waters said:

“People are tired of politics being dominated by those with money or connections. Politics should be about passion, about the people, and about defending and preserving what is great about our country. Mass immigration, in particular from societies that are incompatible with our own, has raised huge concerns – and the British people want answers. While UKIP is the only party with the ability to provide these answers, it is failing to do so at present. This is what we seek to change”.

The campaign will work to persuade UKIP members, supporters, and leaders to discuss issues that are considered taboo, and to do so with honesty, so that the voting public can make their decisions on the basis of truth. This includes, but is not limited to, issues surrounding the religion of Islam.

Waters went on:

“This is an enormous issue, and its importance is magnified by the fact that mainstream politicians and media won’t speak about it with any honesty. People know they are being fobbed off by the elite with platitudes and lies. We are consistently told that Islam is a religion of peace, and yet we see anything but peace associated with this religion in the real world. There are brutal global theocracies with medieval practices and notions, there are terror groups based in all corners of the world and attacking all corners of the world, there are grotesque cultural practices against children – including child marriage and FGM – and all of which are related directly to the religion of Islam.

We must talk about this, and we must do it for the sake of the millions who are deeply concerned”.

For Britain is not a new political party or splinter group. The campaign and speaking tour will focus on the promotion of UKIP as the only party capable of taking on this enormous and vitally important fight, but not with its current leadership in place.

For Britain will speak directly to the grassroots of UKIP membership, ensuring that they are informed about Islam and Sharia, and their impact in Britain and across Europe. For Britain will remind UKIP members and supporters just what UKIP is for – it is for an independent, sovereign Britain that is respectful of its heritage and its freedoms and wants to pass those freedoms on. UKIP should be a party for truth, for courage, and above all, For Britain.

Anne Marie Waters has already addressed UKIP members in Leeds, Barking, Stoke, and beyond. Her campaign will soon be reaching Enfield and Newcastle.



  1. A brave and intelligent voice that needs to be heard, she should be in the UKIP leadership. Well done AMW, keep going!!!

  2. She should be given a prominent position in UKIP. Highly intelligent and brace. She has my full support. I hope to catch her tour. ❤️🙏🏾

  3. Anne Marie, you are 100% right. We need to get our country back and need to have one legal system for all on the land. How can there be cohesion if some groups are allowed to follow their own rules and laws and have their own courts? Anyone living in Britain must abide by British laws. End of.

  4. The growth of Islamic intolerance is the major global event of our generation. In the long term the demographics and fanaticism of the Muslim communities, coupled with the self loathing of so many in the west will threaten the very existence of the rule of law and democracy in Europe.

    Yet AMW is, I believe, the only political figure in the UK speaking honestly about this obvious and grave existential threat. The major political parties pay homage to the ‘great’ religion of Islam in the hope of garnering votes and to avoid characterisation by a lazy public as xenophobic. Meanwhile, to criticise ‘the religion of peace’ is to risk death, to speak up for tolerance, gender equality, gay rights, and freedom of speech, worship and dress, against the only force that really threatens them is to be treated as a pariah.

    Yet AMW does this with eloquence and courage. It is no exaggeration to say that she is at this time the standard bearer of liberty in Britain. She deserves the unstinting support of everyone who cares about the society we pass on to the future.

  5. Dear Anne Marie,
    You have my full support. I shall be contacting my local UKIP branches to let them know that, with you on board and preferably at the helm, UKIP will have my vote. I have already emailed their head office, supporting you.
    Thank you for your intelligence, fortitude and moral courage. You are a genuine feminist. This country needs you. I’m with you all the way.

  6. This assumes that people are not doing those things already! I and many people I know have been doing this since 9/11 and 7/7. We saw only too clearly the likely endgame for the UK and the rest of Europe.

    For myseif, I am sick and tired of political correctness which gags free speech and successive governments fawning over Arab oil money. I am sick and tired of limitless immigration from countries which mean us harm, and those immigrants given benefits apparently without question, while people I know are having their benefits withdrawn without real cause, and we are having to feed our poor from food banks.

    I have lost faith in UKIP too, particularly when it deselected Anne Marie Waters.

  7. Anne Marie is what Ukip needs, I am disappointed in Paul for deselecting her, we need more people of her calibre in UKIP.

  8. Are you running for MP and if not why, don’t be pushed around Anne Marie in fact you should be running for leader of the party, keep up the fantastic work and God bless you.

  9. I will be totally open and honest, Islam :- This so called “religion” is NOT A TRUE RELIGION :-   it is a tyrannical, violence-ridden, misogynistic, socio-political ideology, masquerading as a religion. It is totally incompatible with ALL civilised Westernised Countries. Moslems have one agenda and that is to take over every Country they invade and subjugate the host population to their vile, barbarian 7th century, primitive way of living. 

    I am sick to the back teeth of all the kow towing and appeasement towards this so called “Ideology of permanent offence” Its time the government and loony liberal hand wringing apologists woke up and understood that this is going to end in civil war and blood on the streets of the UK, it is not going to end well. They must act now and block anymore inward immigration from Islamic nations, and deport all those already here who refuse to accept and respect our British Law, customs, culture, Christian religion and above all that in this Country females are 100% equal to male citizens. They must also understand that they cannot continue to live here if they refuse to learn to speak our English Language, and refuse to work, pay taxes and support themselves and family. It is not and shouod never be a right to live permanently off the back of our tax paying citizens. Any who were born in this Country but prefer to live and abide by Sharia Law must also be encouraged to leave and seek a new life in a more appropriate Islamic Country.

  10. Anna Marie is a breath of fresh air, this Country desperately needs many more like minded people. Thank you Anna, I am fully behind you and was disgusted and disappointed that UKIP decided to de-select you from standing as a Candidate in the forth coming snap General Election. Keep the good work going and never let the establishment silence you.

  11. Anne Marie, I hope your campaign is a huge success! You should be running UKIP. Your honesty, passion, & fearlessness make you a natural leader in the fight to preserve Western values & societies.

    I hope more of my fellow Lefties over there in Britain (and elsewhere) will soon wake up to the true nature of Islam, which poses a direct threat to everything we progressives are supposed to believe in. I’m glad to see that the left-leaning (but Islam-savvy) Pat Condell has been supporting you & your work — which is how I first became aware of you.

    Best of luck!


  12. Never has one person spoken so much sense on the dangers we must at the very least discuss and be aware of.
    Silence never helped anyone and we need to engage and inform.
    What people do with the information afterwards is up to them, but at least they can make a decision with the benefit of knowledge.
    Well done and keep it up.

  13. I am so grateful to you for your efforts and your intelligent discourse. You see things clearly and communicate them effectively. Great job.

  14. We are all behind you and after this election I will help you along with many others reach Le Pen levels of voting

  15. Good luck with this and all others’ like so many others here in Britain, I don’t fully understand the implications of what needs to be said or done, but I’ll look forward to hearing about it. I want to see it outlawed. Simply because of British values. I was schooled in catholic schools, and was surrounded by nuns, so I’ve been familiar with the sights of that type of dress wear. However’ not with the Muslim type, it bears no religious symbol, and only sends out three messages to me
    1. A dress code used to project a victory stance, the same way a football supporter would wear a flag around his shoulders.
    2. A dress code used as submittance or ownership. The same way a farmer would brand cattle.
    3. Sorrowfulness, I can’t help feeling sorry for the majority, they must be truly lost, nameless, voiceless. I’m almost certain 80% would be secretly screaming out for help from someone who could speak for them, from beneath those fabric chains.
    Not sure if any of this makes sense or even helps’ but it’s from me.
    Good luck

  16. I have one criticism, and that is that you seem to be focusing this on UKIP rather than EVERYONE. I completely share your views with respect to Islam and the danger we are in in Britain because of the taboo against criticising Islam, but I want ALL the political parties to be convinced, not just UKIP. Surely there are some Conservatives at least who are convinced? I have voted UKIP in the past but their proportional representation policy is a terrible idea that would prevent the correction of errors that our current first past the post system allows, and just like membership of the EU allows the government to claim that they are not responsible for this or that problem (immigration, for example), so proportional representation would relieve politicians of the responsibility for problems created by the government, because hey, that wasn’t my idea it was this other party’s idea and we had to give them that to get this other thing. It would be a disaster to have PR, just like the EU is an unmitigated disaster. We need the government to be fully responsible for what happens, and we need to be able to boot them out when they screw up, and try something different.

    The For Britain idea is too good to be focused on one political party. Please please please expand your focus to the entire country.

  17. I am a long term UKIP member and will be voting for AMW if she is allowed to stand by the NEC. If not, I will leave the party.We need a popular political uprising which is prepared to tackle this issue head on, before it is too late.

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