Despite Intimidation, My Rotherham Leadership Campaign Launch is Going Ahead

So here we are again. Free speech has again been prohibited and political opinion considered too great a threat. Once again, desperation to prevent negative discussion or description of Islam is the cause.

I found out this week that the venue due to host my leadership campaign launch next weekend has cancelled – having received contact from the police. There were concerns about my “views” and no doubt, police were happy to add to such concerns.

I am unperturbed and a new venue has been located. The launch will still take place in Rotherham, 1 pm, on Saturday 1st July. Please contact with your name and membership number. Ukip members are welcome to bring guests to the event.

Please come along if you can. We must recognise and stand up to this threat.

Freedom is speech is important because of political speech; it facilitates the democratic process by allowing a political candidate to express their views honestly, and allowing the voter to hear. It is the most fundamental element of democracy, and a freedom that must be defended.

Again and again we see how much the demands of the Islamic faith have affected free speech in Britain and throughout Europe. Book burnings, threats to authors and journalists, murder of cartoonists, politicians living with armed protection simply for what they say.

Do not be persuaded by the falsehood that this is a minor issue, or insignificant in the grand scheme of things. On the contrary, without our freedom to criticise political or religious ideas, we sacrifice the heart and soul of our nation, as well as our fundamental rights.

This intimidation has got to stop. We must be free to speak our minds and I will continue to fight for that cause. Our right to criticise ideas is non-negotiable, and I will stand for this principle without fear or compromise.

See you in Rotherham.


  1. Well said totally agree with you freedom of speech is a must in our society when did it become more important to the police and the authorities that you can’t upset the Muslims before upholding the law and the rights of the public like to know when it all went wrong

  2. The UK is not a free nation, pandering to the invading death cult, George Orwell 1984 the Operations Manual, Tommy Robinson and his family has had hundreds of death threats, the British police are not protecting him. Another national disgrace! June 2017 . UKIP supports Anne Maria Waters

  3. The police are pawns. I had a similar experience in Bedfordshire when I defended myself against false and malicious comments by posting a legitimate article and sharing the facts via email with a friend who is now, as it happens, a UKIP candidate. A police visit and complete over-reaction followed resulting in me being in a cell for 6 hours and being blackmailed, yes blackmailed by Bedfordshire Police and forced to accept a “simple caution” for harassment. My 50 years plus support for the police disappeared that day. They were used by those in “authority” to shut me up. Well they haven’t. There’s much more to this story and it’s all documented should anyone wish to see it and it’ll soon be available in an e-article.

  4. What the establshment dont get is that Islamism & Sharia practices are grossly discriminatory first and foremost.

    If it were the Islamic custom for *gay men* to wear modesty gear on their heads:faces/loose clothing which restricts them entering competitve sports, swimming, acting or playing music;, have to enter the mosque by the side entrance, to be segregated from straight worshippers, to be placed last in the Sharia Wills for inheritance purposes, and for their parents *not* to be prosecuted for subduing their sexual pleasure through genital cutting, and NOT women…there’d rightly be uproar !

  5. Anna Marie Waters, you should be go for leandership of UKIP, you speak what so many people have strong views about, the media/ journalists/ and of course the BBC, are all so pc, it makes my blood boil.

  6. Good luck Anne. I hope all goes well for you. We must continue to exercise our freedom of speech. Or loose it ! !

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