Anne Marie Waters is running to be the next leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Welcome to the Anne Marie Waters For Britain campaign site. For Britain is a campaign to put what is best for Britain at the heart of British politics.

For many years, I was a member and activist with the Labour Party. This is because I believed, and still believe, that the decent working majority (of whatever income) is the backbone of Britain.

I believe in the NHS, in trade unions that work for their members to have decent standards and pay, I believe in small business over corporate monopoly. It is because I believe in these things that I could no longer remain a member of the Labour Party – it had become a party of the champagne sipping socialist elite that was happy to betray British people for their open border dreams. It is no longer a party For Britain.

I believe in sensible migration that is in the interests of Britain. Immigration is not a bad thing; the countries of the world should not be closed off from each other. But it must be that immigration is carried out in a way that allows the host state to remain itself, to retain its own identity and values – values shaped by its own history. People have a right to enjoy what their ancestors built. Therefore, immigration must be in small enough numbers so that it doesn’t threaten the host society, it should also be from countries and cultures that are compatible with the host society. It is, I believe, a betrayal of a nation to invite a culture or people who may very well present a threat to the host society. Immigration must be For Britain.

Over several decades now, people have come from all over the world to live in Europe, and many have made an outstanding contribution. Many have joined our Western civilisation and become part of it. In other instances however, people have come to Europe who bring with them beliefs and cultural values that are simply not compatible with ours.

Centuries of political and social revolution, the enlightenment, science and the advancement of civil rights have made Europe the cradle of Western civilization. Democracy, science, law – Europe has been at the forefront of these and we cannot turn back now to accommodate people from countries that have not experienced our progress. Islamic culture for example has not, and the people of Britain, and across Europe, are paying a heavy price for this. Women and girls in particular are paying a price as disgusting attitudes towards females are imported wholesale. The rape, abuse, and humiliation of women at the hands of Muslim immigrants to Europe is too widespread to accurately record. Women of Britain did not spend the last century fighting for their rights, only to see them crushed now by immigrant communities.

Workers too have fought for decent working standards and decent pay, only to see these jeopardized in a jobs market now flooded by mass unskilled migration resulting from open borders.

Many people in Britain can no longer afford their own home because the housing market too has become flooded by mass migration, and costs have inevitably risen.

The NHS is a wonderful institution, it is based on the notion that nobody should be without available healthcare as a result of their earnings. I support this concept 100%, but it can only work if done right. I have worked in the NHS for many years and I can see what the problems are: excessive bureaucracy and ‘management’, waste, and lack of accountability are hampering the NHS. I believe that local people ought to have the power to hold senior NHS management to account if their hospitals fail. Political leaders must realize also that the NHS cannot provide medical care for the whole world, it must be For Britain or it will not survive.

Policing in Britain must change, and change fast. Police are now strangled by a political correctness which has caused a two-tier legal system to develop, and white Britons are held to a separate standard than non-white groups or immigrants. This must stop. We must have one law, applied equally to everyone. This law must not prioritise minority or migrant groups above Britons, it must be a law that is for all, as law that is For Britain.

These are the fundamental beliefs that underline my For Britain campaign. This is why I joined the UK Independence Party, the only party that is truly loyal to Britain, and why I intend to pursue pro-Britain policies within the party.

If you are For Britain, if you want Britain and its people to be the number one priority of British Government, join me, let us stand up For Britain together.

– Anne Marie Waters