Anne Marie Waters Selected as UKIP Lewisham East Candidate

Last night, the United Kingdom Independence Party invited Anne Marie Waters to stand once again in the Lewisham East constituency. Anne Marie will be taking a new, more radical UKIP message to the voters of Lewisham East. In the 2015 General Election, Lewisham East voters returned 3,886 votes for Anne Marie, putting UKIP third, ahead of the Liberal Democrats.

On June 8th, UKIP faces a significant challenge. Voters are turning to the Conservative Party to deliver Brexit – and understandably so. It is Anne Marie’s challenge to show Lewisham East voters that UKIP now has the courage to take on a new challenge, which is standing up to mass immigration, and in particular, Muslim immigration.

Anne Marie will be making her counter-Jihad, pro-free speech, and anti-mass immigration message to the voters of Lewisham East. If you would like to help with the campaign, please consider donating, or getting in touch to offer your support.

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