Anne Marie Discusses Sharia at Leeds UKIP, 29/03/2017

Anne Marie Waters took her speaking tour to Leeds UKIP on 29.03.2017. In the following video, you can hear her full talk. It was exceptionally well attended, and members were delighted to hear a UKIP speaker finally discussing the “I word”.


  1. Brave , bless you . Fully support . Please e mail me. As I don’t like pay pal . Can I send donation .we need an open debate , awareness campaign , are you coming to near Peterborough .

  2. Anne Marie you have hit the nail on the head. Exactly right. When people come to our country they should intragrate and live by our laws. Just as if we go to other countries we would be bound by that countries laws. I find it abominable that people who are trying to exercise freedom of speech are being shut down. I find it disgusting that majority of supermarkets sell halal meat unlabelled. Yet accidental giving of none halal to Muslims results in workers sacked. The police do little to punish Muslims. It’s a two tier system one rule for them and one rule for us

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