AMW Calls Out UKIP Leader Candidate on Grooming Gangs

During a recent hustings in Tiverton, leadership candidate Aiden Powlesland attacked Anne Marie for her history of talking openly about grooming gangs in Britain. This is Anne Marie’s response.

I must respond to what you just heard. It’s easy to call me Marine Le Pen, it’s easy to call me National Front, it’s easy to dismiss all of these things. I don’t care. I don’t care what people call me, I don’t care what the press call me. They’re going to apologise to me, by the way. Let me tell you what I do care about.

On the train on the way down here today, I read an article about Sandwell in Birmingham, where over a five year period, more than 6,000 young British children were raped by grooming gangs in that small area of Birmingham. 6,000 children in a five year period. I care about that. And I care about the fact that we are STILL lying, we are still attacking people. Look at what happened with Sarah Champion, the MP for Rotherham when she dared to speak up and tell a few harsh, home truths. It’s the truth.

When she dared to speak it, she was forced to resign from her job. Soon afterwards, we had another Labour MP who retweets on Twitter that girls should shut up for the sake of diversity. I care about this. This is the rape of Britain’s daughters, and the truth of the matter is that we have imported hell on earth, and that Europe is still importing hell on earth. Thousands every day.

I will not run away from this. I will tell the truth, and I will stand up to the corrupt media who continues to smear and lie, and I will stand up to anyone – including in UKIP – who continues to smear and lie. This is the rape of your children. Let’s stand up and fight for them.

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  1. Rape of our future!! They deliberately import the filth to conquer us.”Kalergi plan” Europe will become coffee coloured.
    All over Europe our daughter’s are being raped,impregnated by this filth to produce mongrels .
    We must defend our race,the English race without it we are lost.
    Feminism,Bolshevism,Communism,Socialism are constructs of jewish-ism.
    Designed to bring down Christendom (Europe).
    Anti-white hatred is spewed against us and we are accused of being racist, they the jew project onto us what they themselves are.
    Our ancestors knew the wickedness of the jew.
    They have control Media,Police,Politician’s.Universities every important institution,that is why they allow the destruction of our children.
    In Jesus name people open your eyes!!!How can the English live under this occupation of our once proud lands.
    To hell with the liberal Dhimmi appeasers, who are traitor’s in Westmonster & media whores.
    Everything that they tell us is a lie. We went to 2 wars on a lie our finest perished for what so our children can be raped by blacks and Arabs. I know the Truth and that is why they hate “Hitler” the last of the great white hero’s.Watch,”The Greatest story never told”
    Now is the time for absolute faith in the son of God “Jesus Christ”
    only one true God.
    We turned our backs and the degenerate’s are leading us to hell.
    These are the times when the good and truthful will be persecuted.

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